With the development of the global economy,people pay more attention to improving their quality of life,and cruise travel has gradually become a common way of vacation.
But because of the impact of the epidemic virus in recent years, it also harms people's health.
Our products will provide you with a layer of protection.
They have enlarged and widened design and strap design,so that they are not easy to shift in case of turbulence.
The raw materials of the products have good water extraction property,And will not mildew or produce germs in wet conditions,giving you a better travel experience.

Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels are unavoidable scenes in today's society.
In our travel life, they are like our second home.
With the increasing demand for them, various aspects of the industry are uneven.
The frequent exposure of hotel health problems also makes us more worried.
The bedding shared by many people seems clean but always threatens our health.
Our disposable bed products are made of SMMSS grade non-woven fabrics.
They are made of the same materials as our virus protection masks.


As a substitute for hotels, Airbnb is increasingly welcomed by young people and families for its high cost performance.
But at the same time,because of its lack of standardized management and inspection,its hygiene cannot meet the standards of large hotels.
Our products let you take them with you and use them yourself to protect your safety to the greatest extent.
Different sizes can be used for different bed types.
Antibacterial masterbatches are added in the manufacturing process, and through regular testing, it is ensured that the chemical components such as bleach and fluorescent powder are 0.
Double layer detoxification. No matter the baby or the elderly, they can be used with confidence.


Camping, as a new way of vacation,is more and more popular with people.
As a way to travel with family or friends,it will make people closer.
Our products are also suitable for this kind of travel mode.
Through vacuum packaging, it minimizes its floor space, which makes it more convenient for us to travel.
At the same time, in order to avoid the harm to the environment caused by our camping,our products use polypropylene as the raw material,which can be effectively degraded,and carry out the next environmental cycle in a non-toxic environment.
A non-woven sheet can be completely decomposed in about 90 days, and the pollution to the environment is minimal.

Rollaway bed in hospitals

In hospitals,when facing patients,hospitals often provide comprehensive disinfection and sterilization,but they can not get a very sanitary environment for caregivers.
However, bacteria are ubiquitous in hospitals,and our products will provide you with an excellent choice.
The products have excellent convenience and safety.
It can solve your various needs and save your time to the greatest extent on the premise of protecting your health and hygiene.
The design of double-layer meltblown fabric has reached the top level in the industry,providing you with double-layer insurance and a safer environment.

Beauty Salon

In the beauty parlor, in the face of different customers, the need to repeatedly use the massage table of the beauty parlor, then you can choose our products, to provide customers with the most clean and hygienic massage table.
The design of double-layer melt-blown fabric reaches the top level of the industry, providing double-layer insurance and a safer environment.