Why we choose this Product ?

Due to the pandemic situation, because of the corona virus disease.

Block Viruses



Flame Resistance

Not Easy To Get Wet



❑ Greater strength per basis weight than competing fabrics
❑ High levels of uniformity
❑ Higher efficiency of bacterial disinfection
❑ High tear and tensile strength
❑ Dimensional stability
❑ Consistency in high temperature applications
❑ Eco-Friendly
❑ Ability to form composites for advanced performance
❑ Exceptionally adaptable
❑ Long life
❑ Affordable at each level

Product Features

❑ Individually package for your convenient
❑ Designed for traveling and short-term stays
❑ Made of high quality non-woven fabric which is soft
❑ Made form 100% skin-safe materials
❑ Rest in complete comfort and carefree rest
❑ Fragrance free for your peace of mind